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Holy Spirit Catholic Local No 5

Local Contacts

Dr Mark A Nixon
Phone (bus): 403-327-4596 
Fax: 403-320-8896
Ms Natalie J Primeau
Phone (bus): 403-328-0611 
Fax: 403-327-0816
Mrs Joan E Rogers
Phone (bus): 403-381-0953 
Fax: 403-381-0906
Communications Officer
Mr Daniel L Wyton
Phone (bus): 403-915-5267
Local Political Engagement Officer
Mr Kevin J Kinahan
Phone (bus): 403-327-3402 
Fax: 403-320-1877
District Representative
Ms Katherine D Pritchard
Phone (bus): 403-381-4812 
Fax: 403-381-3011